ciriaco offeddu

“You’re boxing,
you’re not playing the piano”
Fritzie Zivic

Writing in English is a fight, every time a hard match. The usual difficulty created by confronting a blank page is compounded by the barrier that this language still is for me. However, in English, everything becomes a discovery, a strange and exciting revelation. Language is a key, and I’m fascinated to find new ways to express myself. Moreover, by writing in English I rediscover the pleasure of my roots. It is odd, but the Sardinian language helps me a lot. I find surprising assonances between good English and Sardinian, which is more precise and drier than Italian. This confidence assists my physical confrontation: I’m wearing padded gloves, ready to enter the ring.

Ciriaco, Writer

Graduated from the City University of Hong Kong with a Master in Creative Writing.
Author of many publications

Ciriaco at School

Engineer and CEO of several companies. More than twenty years of experience as a leader of a consulting group specialized in direct management of a broad range of business disciplines and industries. Expert in internationalization processes.